What's New


Air2App has continued to invest in product and services to bring our customers the most complete “End-to-End” wireless telemetry offering.

Over the last two years we have added communication technologies, expanded server capacity, and updated end user access while at the same time reduced communication costs.

  • New - The Airbase that connects to the Internet via WiFi or wired LAN. When available these connections lower monthly communication cost.
  • New - Our local Zigbee mesh radio network connecting hundreds or even thousands of remote sensors and controls to a single AirBase.
  • New - Upgraded AirServ, our Wireless Application Server to provide more flexible, higher traffic capabilities. New facilities, network equipment and new server platforms – A significant upgrade in both capacity and reliability.
  • New - Much faster, more reliable AirControl with local database support.
  • New - New AirServ client access with the PassPort DLL that allows our customers to connect their software to AirServ to process their data.
  • New – AirControl SA, a standalone AirControl package that gives you local monitor and control of directly connected devices on your desktop.