The Connection Synergy


Our customers are experts in the solutions their equipment or service provides. They have established markets and know how to meet specific requirements their customers demand.

Air2App is an expert in applying wireless technology to remote field applications. We know how to integrate wireless data into a product. We have wireless data networks, Internet based data servers, end user software. We offer the end-to-end wireless connection on variety wireless networks.

Our complimentary capabilities and resources add up to what we refer to as the:

Connection Synergy.

Together we can apply wireless telemetry to an application adding value with:

Enhanced performance
Reduced operating cost
Expanded features
Proactive maintenance

New services or applications
Competitive advantage
Increased market share
New revenue source.

With Air2App’s help your product can gain a significant competitive advantage from the added dimension of wireless telemetry without major investment in product development or communications infrastructure.