Air2App’s QuickTurn program is built on our complete service model and ability to rapidly deploy custom solutions.

A large part of developing a remote wireless connection is the supporting infrastructure. Infrastructure including wide area wireless network connections, Internet hosting and data services as well as end user access.

Air2App has invested in that infrastructure and can effortlessly connect your users to your field equipment. We now offer the QuickTurn program to customers both large and small. Whether your deployment is long term with thousands of remote devices or a short term low volume demonstration/proof of concept project, QuickTurn is ready

  • Off the shelf field equipment with serial, analog, and digital connections
  • Local Zigbee and wide area (cellular, WiFi, and Eithernet) network connections
  • AirServ providing Internet hosting and Internet data services
  • End User Internet access to those remote devices via our AirControl client software or the PassPort API
  • In place infrastructure – long term service as well as short term demonstration projects
  • Full custom design services – no minimum quantities

With off the shelf components many QuickTurn projects are deployed in weeks.

Start with an email j.hall@air2app.com to discuss your requirements

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