Air2App is an 9 year old company with offices and Internet hosting server facilities in Pembroke, MA. We provide in-depth experience and expertise in a variety of wireless technologies and applications.

Our first products simply provided limited digital I/O over AMPS, the original analog cell phone network, to electric utility control rooms.

Over the past 9 years we have added digital cellular, WiFi and Zigbee, expanded Internet hosting facilities, and more flexible end user access technologies that provides a product offering to meet a very broad set of customer telemetry needs.

We now meet our customer’s ever growing needs with:

  • The AirBase line of Internet connected data collectors and controllers
  • AZN, our new short range Zigbee mesh network connecting, sensors to the AirBase
  • Wide area digital cellular and WiFi Internet connections
  • AirServ, our backend Internet data hosting facility
  • AirControl, a set of flexible end user access and control applications
  • Automatic event notification

With our experience and investment we can drastically reduce development costs, time to market, risk, and eliminate communications infrastructure development.