Wireless Capabilities


Air2app offers a complete line of off the shelf end to end products and services as well as full custom design.

Our products and services include:

AirReady – Remote Field Equipment

  • The AirBase, a field device / Internet gateway providing connection to a collection of
    1. Analog and digital IO
    2. Serial communication
    3. Internet connection via CDMA and GSM through commercial cellular providers
  • New - The Airbase that connects to the Internet via WiFi or wired LAN. When available these connections lower monthly communication cost.
  • New - Our local Zigbee mesh radio network connecting hundreds or even thousands of remote sensors and controls to a single AirBase.

AirServ - Internet Hosting

  • New - Upgraded AirServ, our Wireless Application Service Center to provide more flexible, higher traffic capabilities.
  • Data archiving for reliable historical field event records.
  • New facilities, network equipment and new server platforms – A significant upgrade in both capacity and reliability.

AirControl - End User Client Access

  • New - Much faster, more reliable AirControl with local database support.
  • New - New AirServ client access with the PassPort DLL that allows our customers to connect their software to AirServ to process their data.
  • Remote event delivery via Email, Text Message, and/or Pager.
  • New – The Standalone AirControl package that gives you local monitor and control of directly connected equipment on your desktop without Internet access.

AirSupport - Custom Design

  • Application review, analyzing your wireless telemetry needs.
  • Product design and wireless components integration.
  • Our Specialty is Custom design. As always Air2App routinely customizes our existing products to meet specific customer requirements. Whether it be modified Field Equipment with tailored interface circuitry, custom AirBase serial protocols, or custom server interaction and data presentation, we look forward to the opportunity to give our customers what they need.